Hello, I'm David R.

"Shadow is light" After 12 years of collaboration with major Parisian lighting design agencies (8'18'' during 7 years and Agence ON during 5 years), David Roger drew on his experience and know-how from numerous projects in France and abroad and founded Studio Fil Rouge in 2018. Shaping, revealing, sublimating a project by light but also by shadow, such is the guideline of David ROGER. Between functionality, aestheticism and sustainable development, i share a technical but also artistic and responsible approach on projects of all scales: interior and exterior architectural, landscape and urban. My main references are : - "Louvre Abu Dhabi" (all spaces [Interior and Exterior] including museum lighting) ; - "Hôtel Mandarin Oriental" in Marrakech, Morocco (All the noble interior spaces of the hotel as well as all the landscape lighting, excluding hotel rooms) ; - "Centre de Recherche & Développement EDF Lab" in Saclay, France ; - "La Cité du Vin" in Bordeaux, France ; - "Cité des Arts" in Reunion Island, France ; - "Musée Stella Matutina" in Reunion Island, France ; - To be continued ... ;)

Business Requirements

  • Industry Partner specific service
  • Industry Partner independent service

Hourly rate



  • English
  • French



  • Geometry input
  • Calculations
  • Outputs

Lighting design

  • Design / concept
  • Execution planning
  • Product search
  • Calculations - general
  • Energy assessment
  • Human Centric Lighthing
  • Object supervision
  • Street lighting
  • Daylight planning

Photo / video works

  • Shooting on site
  • Image search, stock photos
  • Image editing, video editing

Documentation, presentation

  • Measurement, inventory
  • Freelancer opinion
  • Visualization
  • Presentation
  • Audit, documentation


  • Electrical planning
  • Light art
  • Lighting control
  • Model making
  • Other

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