Hello, I'm Karoliina H.

I am Karoliina, an architectural lighting designer, and my aim is to make good lighting available for everyone. My priority is to find the possibilities, and explore the options available, to light each space, and to apply the correct amount of light where it is needed and wanted. As a lighting designer my job is to find the right solutions to the lighting within the space, by choosing the correct fittings, their placement in the space and how they are controlled. I have extensive experience in light level calculations and lighting design, with projects range from private homes to churches, and from large office complexes to entertainment venues. I have spent a lot of my career in the UK, but am now based in Finland, happy to do work all over the world!

Business Requirements

  • Manufacturer independent service

Hourly rate



  • English



  • Geometry input
  • Calculations
  • Outputs

Lighting design

  • Design / concept
  • Execution planning
  • Product search
  • Calculations - general
  • Energy assessment
  • Human Centric Lighthing
  • Emergency lighting
  • Street lighting
  • Daylight planning

Documentation, presentation

  • Measurement, inventory
  • Freelancer opinion
  • Visualization
  • Presentation
  • Audit, documentation


  • Light art
  • Lighting control

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